Tuesday, 9 October 2012

BYOD: A View from the Rucksack


Decided to make a habit of tongue-in-cheek contributions to the NAACE Technology in Education Advice Network publications,,, this time on BYOD. Restricted to 350 words so it's a bit of a caricature but here goes...

Day 1
Whoa… what happened then… it’s 8.10am and I’ve just been picked up (put in my case…there’s a turn-up) and put in Digit’s rucksack. Apart from a quick email/facebook check in the morning I usually have a good sleep during the day! Maybe this is why he put me on charge last night!

Day 1 – Later…but still too early…
I’m in school with Digit! Bit of a false start though because he got me out in French to use an online translator but although we could find the wifi signal, it was encrypted and no-one seemed to know what to do apart from send us to the ICT guys. They told Digit what the code was – and moaned about ‘teachers not reading their emails because if they had done then…,’ and didn’t they ‘predict that this would happen and it’d be more work for them…’

Was a relief to get out of the rucksack – I was next to last week’s sweaty rugby sock – and properly take part in a History lesson. I sat on the desk at the beginning and Digit fiddled with my on-off button a couple of times and did some nervous practice swipes before the teacher glared at him. I got into action – Wikipedia, then putting the details into a Timeline app - when they were working in groups. Teacher had to come round and see what Digit had been doing on me though, as there was no way of sharing me on his projector display.

Day 1 – Later still 
Didn’t escape from the rucksack for the Maths lesson… teacher said something about no need for those ‘new fangled’ things to learn in his lesson. But Science was another story… I know Digit normally struggles with Science but he fairly flew through this lesson and I was worked really hard…his partner was using another type of B-Y-O (apparently it’s our codename) and we couldn’t transfer info at first but they decided to log in to a shared Google doc and they were sorted! Digit said it was his best ever experiment write-up!

Day 1… still going strong…
Was in an assembly and overheard a teacher talking about the ‘temptations of B-Y-O’… apparently they’re very worried about Digit and his mates being targeted by people who want to steal us B-Y-Os (would appreciate someone explaining what that means…) …still, don’t think that will dissuade Digit from bring me to school… it’s the end of the easy life for me…

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