Wednesday, 10 November 2010

'Technology meets its Waterloo... Road'

‘Technology meets its Waterloo…Road’ Handheld voting devices…Interactive Whiteboards… CCTV…. Student ICT use outstripping that of teachers…. Just another day at Waterloo Road (BBC TV soapy drama about life in a secondary school where just about every thing that has happened to the millions of students and 100,000s of teachers in the UK blights the lives of a handful in one school …in one day normally!)

A continuing frustration for me is the under-utilisation or mis-appropriation of technology in schools. Waterloo Road tells it all.

1. Handheld voting technology which never leaves the bespoke cradles on the desks in front of the students (great idea…the cradles, that is)

2. Interactive Whiteboards that display static – but graphically appealing – images…and are never interacted with

3. Teachers lifting – and delivering without contextual adjustment – whole lessons from the Internet

4. Inappropriate use of mobiles in classrooms – photographing the male teacher’s derriere… resulting in a BAN

5. CCTV installed in classrooms with no thought about how the devices can be used constructively to enhance the quality of teaching apart from the ‘with Big Brother watching you, you won’t get up to mischief…applied to the teachers as well as the students’. ….also done without consultation with staff or students.

Storyline yet to appear…
Scandal of £1000s of equipment found in cupboards rather than being used in school…
Amazing how art imitates life…

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Blogger @creativeedu said...

Great post! I love Waterloo Road and like you I noted when they added the cradles and technology to the science lab (in fact when they decided to add a science lab at all. The year before you could only do history and english at waterloo road!

I hope you get some traffic to this post as I'd love to hear other teachers' views on whether their school's technology is fully utilised...

I highlighted your post in my Daily Digest of Education related blogs today as I thought other teachers would find it of interest. You can see it here:

12 November 2010 at 10:46  

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