Monday, 21 December 2009


Simple idea, Great Initiative, Powerful Network
Doug Belshaw's used the power of his twitter followers (and therefore the followers of his followers etc etc) to put together a bundle of advice for those in the teaching profession particularly in need (most of us...). The diverse nature of a tweeter's following means that Doug has collected ideas from a wide range of people: serving teachers, advisors, consultants, school leaders and assorted 'sages' and the 140-character limit means they all had to work hard to distil that wisdom into manageable chunks.

Available for a free download from or you can purchase a 'physical' incarnation at the same place.

Makes me wonder about whether other areas in which I'm interested eg. worship leading in churches, youthwork, charity fundraising could benefit from the same cloud-based approach... I hope people would be as generous as Doug's followers (@dajbelshaw) have been!

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