Friday, 28 August 2009

What's happening to the wind beneath the wings of Web2.0

Last December I spoke at a Westminster Educational Forum. Strict instructions - 6 minutes only! Steljes had asked me to contribute a piece about technological innovation in Education. It was a very interesting event, chaired by MPs with full transcriptions produced for those there and not there. Not sure what impact I made, but was asked as a result to present on Web2.0 at a Creative Partnerships event in Essex.

I did the classic session - here's some great free apps, let's use them together. Despite the hardware hiccuping, very well-received by all. Presentation I used will be available in the downloads section of the site...

I write about this now only out of concern at the disappearance of WEB2.0 applications as identified in the image below. Teachers will build lessons around apps that might be here today and gone tomorrow... is there a list of still living apps that someone already maintains? Why do apps have to die?

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