Saturday, 22 August 2009

Getting It Done...

Thought I'd share these insights from John Maxwell (Maxwell has made a commitment to provide leadership training seminars & resources for 1,000,000 people via voluntary agencies by 2010) on getting things done... thought they are particularly applicable when it comes to Innovation in Schools...

Experts cite that 89% of what people learn comes by way of their visual sense. In other words, the first step toward completing a task is picturing it completed. When you delegate a task to your people, make a point to help them capture your vision for what the completed task will look like.

2. WHAT GETS MODELLED GETS DONE The number one motivational principle is that people do what people see. Whitley David said, "A good supervisor is a catalyst, not a drill sergeant. He creates an atmosphere where intelligent people are willing to follow him. He doesn't command; he convinces." One of your best sources of incentive to productivity is gained by visibility in the workplace. Your people should see that you don't just supervise, you produce as well.

3. WHAT GETS REWARDED GETS DONE Paul Schumann says, "Make heroes out of employees who personify what you want to see in the organization." And he's right. People learn quickly what gets applauded and what does not in your organization. Create an environment for your people that openly rewards personal achievement. Take time to pass the praise around on a regular basis.

4. WHAT GETS MEASURED GETS DONE Fran Tarkenton said, "People don't change their behavior unless it makes a difference for them to do so." Hold your people accountable to a measurable standard of excellence, and make consequences a part of enforcing the standard. When the standard is met and exceeded, reward them for their work.

5. WHAT GETS OWNED GETS DONE One of the best ways to increase the performance of your people is by giving them ownership of projects. Former NFL Head Coach, Jimmy Johnson, explained, "Give your people the feeling that if THEY don't do the job, it won't get done. Also let them know that when they accomplish something, they will share in the accolades." In other words, ownership means giving your people full responsibility for the completion of specific tasks and the prospect of sharing in the rewards that result.

Some of Maxwell's US-based quotes and insights don't travel very well, but I think point 1 is particularly crucial... do we know what our desired future looks like...

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